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Bulletin Spring 2018

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MSWA’S MAGAZINE FOR PEOPLE LIVING WITH MS NURSING Our MS nurses are usually the first point of contact after the neurologist’s diagnosis of MS. We’re committed to providing holistic supports; providing a greater understanding of what to expect. Lou Hatter, Manager: 9365 4888 or Community Nurse: 9365 4888 WILSON CENTRE 29 Parkhill Way (08) 9365 4888 Fax (08) 9451 4453 Freecall 1800 287 367 See Health Team Dept contacts on this page MEMBER SERVICES DIRECTORY GENERAL MANAGER – MEMBER SERVICES Sue Shapland: 9365 4840 INDIVIDUAL OPTIONS Manager Community Care Programs 9365 4851 NDIS TEAM 9365 4824 OUTREACH GROUPS Wilson Outreach (Mon-Thurs): 9365 4830 Beechboro Lodge (Mon, Fri): 9377 7800 Southside Outreach (Fri): 9592 9202 Albany Outreach (Fri): 9841 6657 BUNBURY (WED) HUB 1 Mason Street, Davenport 6454 2800 BUSSELTON OFFICE 1/21 Cammilleri Street 9754 2320 MARGARET DOODY RESPITE HOUSE Manager, Chris Rush: 9385 9574 FERN RIVER ACCOMMODATION Manager, Danuta Figurska: 9356 2747 HAMILTON HILL ACCOMMODATION Manager, Jayne O’Sullivan: 9331 5780 TREENDALE GARDENS RESPITE & ACCOMMODATION 50 The Boulevard, Australind Manager, Linda Kidd: 9725 9209 CONTACT US If you would like to comment on anything you read in this Bulletin please email or write to MSWA, Locked Bag 2, Bentley DC WA 6983 The Bulletin can also be viewed at EDITORIAL COMMITTEE Greg Brotherson (Editor), Marcus Stafford (CEO), Paul Cavanagh, Sue Shapland, Ros Harman, Libby Cassidy, Caitlin Skinner, Sandra Wallace, Narelle Taylor, Leonie Wellington, Sarah Lorrimar, Rosemarie Dravnieks, and Dawn Burke. The Editor welcomes unsolicited submissions. All articles are subject to a reviewing process. The views expressed are those of the Authors and do not necessarily reflect the view of MSWA’s staff, advisors, Directors or officers. PHYSIOTHERAPY Our team aims to provide treatment interventions to develop and maintain mobility and function. Our Physiotherapists are experts in movement and function, and work in partnership with you to attain the highest possible level of independence. Dave Hathorn, Manager: 9365 4837 or Physiotherapy Department: 9365 4834 OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Occupational Therapists enable Members, and Clients, to continue their work and other interests for as long as possible through advice, aids and equipment. Rosemarie Dravnieks, Manager: 9365 4804 or OT Department: 9365 4888 SPEECH PATHOLOGY Our Speech Pathologists provide support by assessing, diagnosing and creating individualised treatment programs for Members who experience swallowing and/or communication difficulties. We equip Members with information and strategies to promote better communication and safe swallowing. Jamaica Grantis, Manager: 6454 3140 COUNSELLING, PEER SUPPORT & HEALTH EDUCATION Talking with a Counsellor creates a safe, respectful and confidential environment for you and those close to you to explore options, create change or gain understanding about your life. Attending counselling with our tertiary qualified practitioners enables opportunity for personal growth and exploration in a non-judgemental environment. We have a Peer Support & Health Education Coordinator who organises peer connection & events and supports health and wellness education services. She can be contacted on 9365 4858. To make an appointment please call: Lisa Papas, Manager: 9365 4836 or Main Counselling line: 9365 4811 SOCIAL WELFARE Social Welfare Officers assist people living with MS and their families to access services and supports to remain living independently at home. They specialise in case management, advocacy and sourcing funding options. They provide information on benefits and entitlements through Centrelink and other government departments. Monitor NDIS/WANDIS Services. Kath Knights, Manager, Social Work: 9365 4835 INDIVIDUAL OPTIONS We provide long-term and time limited in-home supports including assistance with personal care for people with MS, to help them remain in their homes. Care and supports are provided through a combination of funding from the Disability Services, Department of Communities and our own fundraising efforts. We manage both DSC and NDIS individually funded care packages. Aileen Ward, Manager on 9365 4851 for more information. THE NDIS TEAM We can help answer all NDIS questions. Our experienced team can help determine whether you may be eligible for NDIS support and assist you with your application. This includes developing an individual plan that best suits your needs. We support people with all neurological conditions including MS, Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, Acquired Brain Injury and Motor Neurone Disease, to name a few. Geoff Hutchinson, Manager NDIS Business Development: 9365 4879 CAMPS & RECREATION MSWA provides separate recreation camps for Members, carers, and families, primarily funded by Lotterywest, and for a nominal cost to participants. These camps provide a break from daily routines, and strengthen friendships and support networks. Coordinator for Camps & Recreation: 9365 4843 DIETITIANS are university-qualified nutrition experts who promote general health and disease prevention/management through dietary changes. They provide evidence-based dietary counselling and education, empowering individuals, with practical strategies, to meet their goals and improve health, wellbeing and independence. Jamaica Grantis, Manager: 6454 3140 2 | MSWA BULLETIN SPRING 2018

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR DR GREG BROTHERSON “Change is everywhere. Today it is fine; tomorrow it could be snowing.” Anonymous. Welcome everyone to the Spring Edition of your Bulletin, once again written amidst the renovations by our willing contributors here at the treadmill. MSWA is on the move in so many places at the same time, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. Beside the roll-out of the Nation Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), it is the new MSWA facility at Butler that will capture the eye once completed, and I can assure you, it will be magnificent. You will learn about all of these other projects in this information-packed edition of your magazine. Change is also everywhere and impacting on our lives. When the fees for using another bank’s ATMs were waivered, my branch office at the Garden City Shopping Centre removed all of their ATMs from inside the Centre. They also failed to advise their customers, who were left to play ‘hide and seek’ party games in the Centre looking for an ATM. What remains of a once thriving banking facility is reduced to the bank foyer, now home to a singular, brand-new model ATM with screens and keyboards which can carry out all of the functions of a real-life teller. If you want to find the sole remaining teller then join the queue behind the partition where there used to be four pleasant, courteous tellers situated. To be fair, after fifty-six years of marriage my wife and I have adapted well to change over the years, but the sudden confrontation with this inexorable march of technology threw us slightly off balance. Never mind, the bank’s concierge, an impeccable woman, was at hand to talk us though the intricacies of this new world of banking. Reassuringly our guide talked my wife through the procedure. It turned out to be easy enough, but hardly a pleasant experience. The concierge, however, could just as easily been thinking aloud when I heard her murmur, “change is everywhere … today it is fine; tomorrow it could be snowing.” This got me thinking about all the changes MSWA has to make to accommodate the game-changing NDIS. MSWA has never been stronger than it is at present. To continue to achieve its goals, it is now a provider of support services under programs administered pursuant to the NDIS Act 2013 (Commonwealth) and has rebadged itself as MSWA. Continued over INSIDE SPRING 2018 LETTER FROM THE EDITOR 3-4 FROM THE DESK OF THE CEO 5 A MESSAGE FROM THE GENERAL MANAGER – MEMBER AND CLIENT SERVICES 6 MS RESEARCH ROUND UP 7-9 MSWA’S RECORD MILLION INVESTMENT INTO RESEARCH 10 THE NDIS CONTINUES ITS RAPID EXPANSION IN PERTH 11 WITHIN A FAMILY SYSTEM 12 WHEN CHANGE IS NOT A CHOICE 13 LONELINESS: THE HIDDEN COST OF CHRONIC ILLNESS 14-15 HOW TO SUCCEED IN LIFE 15 HOW CAN I BE MORE ASSERTIVE? 16-17 THE PEER VOLUNTEER 17 WELLNESS 18-19 DOES DIET PLAY A ROLE IN MS DISEASE PROGRESSION? 20-21 ANTIOXIDANTS 21 FATIGUE 22-23 COGNITION 23 UPDATE ON MSWA FACILITIES 24 PRESSURE MAPPING 24 EMPLOYMENT AND MS 25 YOUNG DAD’S JOURNEY WITH MS 25 THE ARTIST WITHIN 26 THAT’S LIFE WITH NARELLE 27 FUNDRAISING NEWS 28 STRAY CATS THEATRE COMPANY PRESENTED SHREK THE MUSICAL 29 SPEECH PATHOLOGY WEEK 2018 29 VOLUNTEERING 30-31 ARTSY CRAFTY WEDNESDAY AT WILSON 31 SOUTHSIDE OUTREACH FRIDAY GROUP 31 ROCKINGHAM TUESDAY OUTREACH GROUP 32 GREAT SOUTHERN REGIONAL NEWS ROUNDUP 32 SOUTH WEST REGIONAL NEWS ROUNDUP 33 TREENDALE GARDENS 33 TREENDALE RESPITE AND A HAVEN AWAY FROM HOME 34 MSWA BULLETIN SPRING 2018 | 3