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MSWA Bulletin Magazine Autumn 2019

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SUMMER UPDATE NARELLE TAYLOR, MSWA MEMBER There have been some very hot summer days this year and they tell me that summer has now ended. My youngest daughter and her immediate family, moved to what we thought was idyllic, sub-tropical Queensland and I anticipated that we’d be told by them, tales of their having to combat heat. I would have been able to pass on all the heat avoidance tricks and great methods for cooling down that MSWA has told me about. When Bree’s first story from their new home in sunny subtropical Queensland, detailed a snake falling out of a tree onto her head, I ignored my horror and pragmatically dealt with the TV news reports from there, of fatal shark attacks instead. I suggested that they only swim in tiled pools. Breathless with worry, I admired photos of their new home and was then relieved to see on the map that the ‘uncontrolled bush fires’ were likely to avoid them. I suppose the very next news of flooding rains had me happily deduce that it solved the problem of raging fires. Bree’s keep-fit running group would have had very-improved times if their running course, which goes along beside the river, had revealed a crocodile or two, washed upstream a little by the floodwater’s king tides. Then I remembered that snakes, having escaped from the raging sub-tropical bush fires and hiding under houses, were now submerged by floodwaters and would swim back to dry ground where former Western Australian families were enjoying their romantic new address. Oh grief! My ‘middle’ daughter and her family have moved back to their newly completed renovations here in Perth and are nearby so I’ve enjoyed a sleepover there on Christmas Eve and more recently, was thrilled to see Milla (my oldest grandchild) dressed for her high school formal. Her very much younger brother Alby, threaded dinosaurs through the spokes of my wheelchair and was seemingly very pleased with his efforts. Older brother Max is able to keep Alby in order, so I guess I have ‘might’ on my side. The back yard has concrete paths where Alby and Max can fine-tune their bike-riding skills. When Alby is biking like a boss, I suspect there’ll be less dinosaur threading done. Yay! Back in Queensland at the home of daughter three, my granddaughters Claire and Lucy now own guinea fowl which, as we all know, are just the best animals for dealing with snakes. Their mum Bree also bought both girls a kitten each, (to be sure, to be sure). The last item in this litany of tragedies that we’re compiling here was added when she told me of a hawk swooping down and taking one of the kittens up and away to wherever hawks take things. No doubt, the kitten will be replaced by another, hopefully more alert. My oldest daughter has just recently nursed her man through concussion and broken ribs that he acquired at work. Thank goodness each of my three girls is able to run their own households and all I have to do is worry. I’m not sure that I’m all that good at worrying because I’ve never altered an impending outcome. What will be, will be. The most recent release of news from the banana benders was under the headline ‘double homicide’. Investigative procedures by little Lucy have revealed that the dead python on the lawn was poisoned by the very dead cane toad beside it. Lucy attests that the snake regurgitated the dead cane toad because it realised it was poisonous, but it had already bitten the python. It was a truly riveting news item. I’m confident the new residents are going to be able to survive. TREENDALE GARDENS ACCOMMODATION NEWS PAULA KENNEDY, MSWA TREENDALE COORDINATOR Two of our long-term residents made the decision to move from Treendale Gardens to the new Butler supported accommodation facility, so they could be closer to family. Kate moved in with us back in 2015 and Di in 2016; both having spent some time in our respite house which they had enjoyed. Both ladies have been active Members of our Treendale community, enjoying communal activities in Treendale and accessing the community using social support funding organised through the fantastic South West Individual Options team. FERN RIVER NEWS DANUTA FUGURSKA, MSWA MANAGER – FERN RIVER Residents at Fern River, especially those living in the units we have completed so far, are enjoying the refurbishments which are well under way. Upgrades have been made to modernise parts of the accommodation units as they are now over 20 years old. Work on several of the units has already been completed which includes a new bathroom and laundry, new flooring throughout and replacement of furniture and white goods. Residents are thrilled to have access to a functional, tasteful kitchen, and a modern bathroom modified to suit their needs and assist with promoting their level of independence. SOUTHSIDE OUTREACH NEWS JOHN WALLACE, MSWA MEMBER Our cook, Rosemary, has a new volunteer to help whip up our delicious lunches. Welcome Carney and thanks for your time. Did we mention that Carney is Rosemary’s husband? What a team!! We said goodbye to a popular Member recently. Michelle has moved to new accommodation in Perth and will now join in Wilson’s activities. Michelle will be remembered for her bright rainbow colours and unicorn headbands. We’ll miss your smiles! A few Members have recently been to Treendale for respite, a very popular destination for our Members. Speaking of respite, the very popular carers’ camp to Rottnest will be happening shortly. Attendees always rave about this four-day break away. In February we had two most unusual visitors. The latest in mini robots. These clever little dancing characters are designed by Colleen and her husband to be used in care On 10 January Kate and Di organised a thank you lunch for the residents and staff of Treendale Gardens and the MSWA Allied Health in the South West. They ordered in food from the famous local Farmers Market. The food was delicious, the company sparkling, and everyone there enjoyed the food and the chatter. We were sad to see them leave us but wished them well, knowing they will enjoy being closer to family and friends. Staff are excited to continue with the upgrades for all our residents, their families and staff to enjoy in the future. We have recently said farewell to two of our residents who moved to the new Butler facility to be closer to family and friends. However, we welcomed a new resident in February with another moving in shortly. centres and seniors’ centres to help keep residents moving and singing along. We all had a good laugh while we joined in their performance of ‘YMCA’, very clever; could it be that robots will soon be part of everyday life? Southside had eight tickets in the MSWA Mega Home Lottery. We were looking forward to receiving the keys to the new house but it was not meant to be. Our physios continue to keep us on our toes – figuratively speaking – with new equipment coming in regularly. Thanks Sharon, James, Kirstin and University student, Calvin, who is currently on work experience. An annual event popular with Members is our beach picnic held at Rockingham foreshore. A fun morning with games, massage and takeaway fish and chips for lunch! Let’s hope for good weather. 26 | MSWA BULLETIN AUTUMN 2019 MSWA BULLETIN AUTUMN 2019 | 27