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2 years ago

MSWA Bulletin Magazine Autumn 2020

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NURSING NURSING SERVICE IN THE ERA OF THE NDIS Members of the MSWA Nursing team. We are happy to announce that the Nursing team have embraced the changes the NDIS has brought with it and has evolved accordingly, all in the best interests of our valued Members and Clients. The current supportive role the nurses provide will continue, with the addition of the following services: Continence Management & Catheter Care The range of services we now offer has expanded to include Continence Management & Catheter Care. The MSWA Nurse will assist our Members and Clients with the following related to Continence Care: / Interpreting bladder and bowel diaries / Providing information on suitable continence products / Changing catheters (frequency of change dependent on GP/ Urologist instructions) / Facilitating Continence Education Workshops / Providing general advice regarding catheter care Our team of nurses can complete referrals to the Coloplast Care Nursing Support Services, specific for intermittent catheter users. An MSWA Nurse can be available to provide support at these clinic appointments if the Member/Client wishes. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) & Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Clinics It is with pride we introduce our 6th MSWA Nurse Supported MS Clinic, located at the Perron Institute. Our nurses also support the increased number of MND clinics at Fiona Stanley Hospital, Perron Institute and Midland Hospital. In the future we envisage future MSWA Nurse Supported Clinics for other neurological conditions as well (e.g. Parkinson’s), and we look forward to this time. The MSWA Nursing team are grateful for the opportunity to walk beside our Members and Clients through their life’s journey and we will endeavour to evolve as a team in response to changing needs. VANISHREE CHETTI NURSING MANAGER Vanishree Chetti joined the MSWA Team as Nursing Manager in October 2019. Throughout my 20 year nursing career, commencing in South Africa and continuing in Australia over the past 12 years, my love for the profession has not faded. My time working in the Aged Care Industry, ICU, ER, and International Medical Evacs, brought with it exciting and interesting experiences. The fields of Neuropsychology and Neuroscience have always been areas of interest for me. I therefore am grateful for working in an organisation that walks alongside its clients, supporting them through their individual MS journey, whilst heavily involved in MS research and research in other neurological conditions. Now that I have been welcomed into the MSWA family, I am looking forward to leading an already remarkable team of nurses. “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Mahatma Gandhi. 12

CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT DEPARTMENT A FRESH LOOK FOR NDIS SUPPORT When the idea for a National Disability Insurance Scheme first surfaced in 2009, organisations around the country began to speculate about the short and long term effects of this new funding model. Eleven years and 338,982 active participants later the full impact of this personcentred approach to disability services is becoming clear. Massive, the impact will be massive! As Mark Jackson, a Victorian-based disability policy expert states, "The disruptive impact of the NDIS funding model on traditional providers is going to make Uber's impact on the taxi industry or Airbnb's effect on hotels, pale into insignificance." The environment in which MSWA has functioned for the past half-century has drastically changed and, while this presents significant opportunities, there is also a real need for change within the organisation if it wishes to continue its success. The introduction of the MSWA NDIS Department was the first step in this process. Since 2016, our team has helped almost 1,000 people complete their eligibility and planning processes and gain access to the scheme. Now with more and more people entering the scheme, the Department has changed once again to focus on the whole Customer journey and improved customer service. The MSWA NDIS Department, as it was once known, is now the Customer Engagement Department with an expanded remit and more staff to focus on all the bits outside of Service Delivery, in support of you, the Customer. These new roles and titles are outlined below: / Customer Relationship Coordinators (CRC): Relationship Coordinators focus on assisting you, as a new or existing Customer, to navigate the NDIS planning process. From the first enquiry, through eligibility and planning, you will have a dedicated CRC to support you along the way. These team members can also attend planning meetings with you to help you to get the best plan possible. / Customer Liaison Coordinators (CLC): Once you have an NDIS plan the next person to support you on your journey will be an MSWA Customer Liaison Coordinator, who works one-toone and helps to coordinate your MSWA services and answer your questions along the way. The aim of the CLC position is to have a single point of contact for you, the Customer, to ensure that you receive the full NDIS benefit. This role is an amalgamation of the old CLO and Community Coordinator positions to now provide a whole organisation approach to Service Coordination. / Customer Service Coordinators (CSC): Now that you have your services in place, we want to make sure that they remain exceptional, so the Service Coordinators will be checking in from time-to-time. The Service Coordinators will follow up with Customers throughout their plans to gather feedback – both good and bad – to ensure our service continues to meet your needs. A goal of MSWA is continuous improvement and in order to do this, we need to know where the gaps are in service delivery. / Operations Team: Behind every good team is an even better one working to make sure everything is where it needs to be. Our Operations team allocates funding to service areas, prepares and sends out Customer statements and generally keeps things running smoothly. They also keep a keen eye on all things NDIS to ensure MSWA keeps ahead of the still-developing Scheme. PLEASE NOTE: Support Coordination is a different service which is funded under the NDIS and acts independently to help you to improve your understanding of the NDIS and connect you to service providers. As the Customer Engagement Department becomes further embedded into MSWA Member and Client Services it is our hope that the experience for you and all our NDIS Customers will continue to improve. This service support is provided at no cost to you and is just one of the ways we are changing to meet the demands of the new reality that is the NDIS. If you have any questions about the Customer Engagement Department or our role within MSWA, please don’t hesitate to contact me at GEOFF HUTCHINSON MANAGER CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT 13