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MSWA Bulletin Magazine Autumn 2021

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Get to know your new President | Resilience: I get knocked down, but I get up again | MSWA’s m contribution to research | 36 years of Bulletin


MEMBER & CLIENT SERVICES NICOLA WASHINGTON GENERAL MANAGER MEMBER & CLIENT SERVICES Welcome to the autumn edition of Bulletin. As we move into autumn, we can start to enjoy the cooler weather with the wonderful sunny days we are lucky to enjoy in Perth. With the cooler weather comes the flu season and as always, MSWA has been busy providing the flu vaccine to our employees at our various locations. The COVID-19 vaccine remains a hot topic and the progression of the roll out that has certainly been slower in Australia than some other countries. As previously advised, please contact your GP or neurologist if you have any questions regarding the vaccine. Our new development in Albany continues to progress well and is receiving much excitement from the community. We look forward to opening this wonderful centre to service the community of the Great Southern region in 2022. Sunday, 11 April, was World Parkinson’s Day. Our Physiotherapy Manager, James Beckett is active in the promotion of strength and movement for people living with Parkinson’s. We would like to thank Client Charles Van Niekerk and his wife Nola, who held a fabulous community fundraiser which will enable us to purchase an additional Fightmaster boxing machine to assist people living with Parkinson’s. Wednesday, 12 May, was International Nurses Day. Our neurological liaison nurses continue to provide valuable support through the hospital clinics, working closely with neurologists to assist Clients. This can include supporting those newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, as well as ongoing support. Our nurses are also across the motor neurone disease clinics, providing support across various stages of diagnoses. In addition to clinics, our nursing team provides support and education out in the community. MSWA Client, Charles Van Niekerk demonstrating the benefits of the Fightmaster boxing machine. Our cover story for this edition charts Rebecca Carbone’s rehabilitation from brain tumour and stroke, at just 30 years of age. Her journey is testament to the difference that personal motivation, combined with receiving the right type of support, can make to those living with a neurological condition. NDIS NEWS The new Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme is Linda Reynolds, who takes over from Stuart Roberts. The new Western Australian Minister for Disability is Don Punch, who takes over from Stephen Dawson. Linda Reynolds has put a hold on the implementation of the Independent Assessments that were due to be introduced for NDIS participants in 2021. The Independent Assessments will not be rolled out until a second pilot has been completed and further consultation has been conducted with key stakeholders. This is welcome news due to the uncertainty of how these Assessments would be conducted and how they would benefit NDIS participants. If you have any questions regarding your NDIS plan, please do not hesitate to contact Our team is always ready to help you navigate any problem or question you may have. 6

BULLETIN: BEHIND THE SCENES With our regular Guest Editor, Ros Harman, stepping into her role as the new MSWA President of the Board, we have adapted the way content is devised and articles are written for your Bulletin. Our new Editorial Working Group will meet quarterly to plan and create each edition of Bulletin. The team consists of the General Manager Strategic Supports and Residential Options, the General Manager Member & Client Services, two members of the Brand & Communications team, and two MSWA Clients living with different neurological conditions. In this edition, we are delighted to introduce you to our first two Client representatives, who will have a one year tenure on the Editorial Working Group. TRACEY HOCKEY My name is Tracey Hockey, I am 56 years old and in April 2016 I had a stroke. The stroke I had was caused by sleep apnoea and, without knowing it, I had been having mini strokes. This caused me to awaken with a headache every night for six weeks prior to the big stroke that has changed my life forever. Up until that point I had been the one in my family that everyone came to for support and then it was me who needed support. It is not an easy thing to ask, look, or reach out for support when you are struggling to find a new you. I'm not sure how it happened but amidst finding my way I had the help of a lovely lady at MSWA who guided me to find the support I absolutely needed. In my life I have always gone with the flow and stepped into doors when they open. For instance, MSWA put me onto a wonderful trial at ECU called the Mindpod Exoskeleton Trial. It was through this amazing trial that I met the lovely lady who runs MSWA’s Brand & Communications team. Her energy made me smile and after listening to her vision for the Editorial Working Group I felt that another door had opened. There was a feeling that I have personal experience that as a Client of MSWA I can share. So I have stepped into this new journey and feel so blessed to be able to pay it forward to a rehabilitation provider that has given me the chance to be the best I can be. NICOLETTE MURPHY Hi my name is Nicolette. I was diagnosed with MS in 2010 and I live in the north of Perth with my two teenage boys. I was born in England and my parents are from Mauritius. My boys and I moved to Perth from London in 2005. We have a very full lifestyle and receive a lot of support from MSWA, which we are very grateful for. For a London girl to have ended up in WA, where the sun always shines and I have access to so much help, I truly believe I’m in the right place at the right time, and that anything is possible. I feel very privileged to be involved in the Editorial Working Group. It is an opportunity to share my experience and be a part of information distributed in written form to fellow Clients and friends. It’s a wonderful community to be a part of. 7