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2 years ago

MSWA Bulletin Magazine Autumn 2021

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Get to know your new President | Resilience: I get knocked down, but I get up again | MSWA’s m contribution to research | 36 years of Bulletin



Did you know that Bulletin magazine has been in publication since 1985? It began as Bulletin MS, ‘a monthly circular for the Society and its members, by members, their helpers and associates’. 36 years later, MSWA’s Bulletin reflects a much larger, adapted and more diverse organisation, but the publication’s ethos is the same: it’s for you, and it’s by you. The 1985 editorial committee consisted of Lorraine Simons, Cal Dagnall, Colleen Fletcher, Alan Seymour and Greg Brotherson. Remarkably, Greg continued to edit the magazine for 36 years, only recently stepping down for health reasons. For the history buffs among you, we have delved into the archives to bring you one of the earliest editions of Bulletin for your reading pleasure. Fascinatingly, it documents the approval for the introduction of MRI scanners in Australia – a pivotal moment in history for the diagnosis and management of neurological conditions. You will also enjoy Greg Brotherson’s regular column ‘From the Video Shop’. And we wonder what today’s young Readathon winners would make of a cassette player as their prize?

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