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3 years ago

MSWA Bulletin Magazine Spring 2020

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ACCOMMODATION & OUTREACH BEECHBORO OUTREACH The doors for Beechboro Outreach reopened on Friday, 3 July 2020, following the closure during the pandemic. I am sure we were not alone in the celebration of this wonderful day. It was so amazing to see such a great number of Customers back through the doors. We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Customers and staff alike, and thanks for their patience and cooperation in practising social distancing, hand hygiene and having their temperature taken every day since. As a result, everyone has remained safe and well and we have been able to get on with the real business of having fun! In August, we had some great times with fun and games. Customers and staff each brought in a picture of their pet and we all had to try to match the pet to the person. It was all very hilarious as you can well imagine. This year, the MSWA Home Lottery was an event even closer to our hearts, with a long-time Beechboro Outreach Customer and her partner winning the Grand Prize. It was amazing to be able to congratulate this lovely couple in person on their very well-deserved win. The Father’s Day barbecue was delicious as always with our amazing chef, Brenda, and two excellent door prizes were won by ladies who undoubtedly passed them on. Ladies, we hope you got you share of the goodies. October saw us getting ready for a fun-filled and spooky Halloween. Customers joined in, helping us decorate Halloween ornaments, making strange but beautiful luminaries and exquisite Halloween posters. Customers had photos with the resident skeleton, ‘Marcus’, as named by the cheeky Michael Goodwin. Eyeball guessing, mummy wrapping and door prizes for best dressed Halloween costume were among the many fun filled activities. As always, miles of fun was had in the November Melbourne Cup Sweepstakes. So again we would like to thank Customers, staff and volunteers for their ongoing commitment to the health and happiness of everyone at Beechboro and to extend warm wishes – for it will get warmer – for a safe and happy Christmas and New Year to you all, from the team at Beechboro Outreach. CHRISTINE WESTON RELIEF OUTREACH COORDINATOR BEECHBORO Halloween Craft: Suzanne Carver. 30

ALBANY OUTREACH This has been a very odd year for everyone, and I hope you are all doing well. We started this year with a guest speaker talking rubbish – more to the point – recycling. As the new ‘coins for bottles’ has started it was great to be reminded what you can recycle and what is rubbish. There are a few locations where you can drop off your bottles (IGA Spencer Park, Stead Road and the foreshore). It will be interesting to hear how much is dropped off there and not on the side of the road. Due to COVID-19, Outreach had a break for a couple of months but since being back we have had talks on Disability Advocacy and who you can contact if you are having issues with bullying, or you feel your rights have not been upheld. Also, Consumer Protection was discussed; scams are always a good topic and it was great to see that people are becoming savvy to scams, but there are still people getting caught, some losing many thousands of dollars. The best speaker we had was Marcus Stafford, who in August gave an update as to where MSWA was at and how the new MSWA Albany Facility was delayed due to COVID-19. However, the success of the MSWA Mega Home Lottery, which was a sell out yet again, has meant the Facility has been given the go ahead to start ASAP. Very exciting news and we will keep you informed on what is happening when we know. This year has gone so fast and it is getting closer to Christmas, so I wish you all the best for the rest of this year and hope to catch up soon. CAROLINE CLARKE-SMITH OUTREACH COORDINATOR ALBANY ROCKINGHAM OUTREACH Rockingham Outreach is currently thriving having recently added a third group. Along with the Friday group, which has been meeting in excess of 30 years, there is a ladies group on a Tuesday and now a newly formed men’s group who meet on a Wednesday. This group, albeit still small, has begun well with many laughs and enjoyable lunches for those attending. The Centre is a hive of activity on all three days! Our ‘spring theme’ started early in September with a ‘P’ day. Customers and staff were asked to come along dressed up as something beginning with the letter ‘P’. We welcomed pirates, pumpkins and even a pencil. Everyone enjoyed the day immensely! October honoured breast cancer awareness month (pictured). The Centre was decorated ‘in pink’, morning teacup cakes were ‘in pink’ and the Customers from the Tuesday and Friday groups came glamorously dressed ‘in pink’! November is our craft month where we have many crafts planned for the Customers to take part in, as well as an 80s-themed party, which everyone is looking forward to. Watch this space for photos to follow in the next Bulletin edition! If you are reading this and thinking the Outreach group is something you may like to become a part of, particularly on a Tuesday or Wednesday as these groups are small and need building up, please call me, the Coordinator on 6454 2897 or Nicola Ryan, Senior Outreach Coordinator, on 0409 167 380. We will then be able to discuss your eligibility to attend and make the appropriate arrangements. You’re most welcome to come and be a part of the fun we have! The more the merrier, as the saying goes! PETA MCCORMACK-LUKINS OUTREACH COORDINATOR ROCKINGHAM 31

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