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MSWA Bulletin Magazine Spring 2021

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What is assistive technology and how can it help you? | Good health monitoring practices | Pain and pain management series: Part 2 | Farewell Marcus Stafford


ACCOMMODATION & OUTREACH AN AB COLLARD ORIGINAL FOR MARGARET DOODY HOUSE Residents and staff at our Margaret Doody Respite House have been delighting in a beautiful new painting, which was recently donated by MSWA Client and regular respite resident, Kim Graham. Kim hails from Kondinin and says he used to play footy with Ashley Collard (aka Ab Collard, NAIDOC Indigenous artist of the year 2013). Kim explains, “I asked Ashley to paint something for MSWA. Then I bought it off him and donated it. The words in the outer circle are the Aboriginal seasons.” Kim says it was a means of showing his appreciation to the team at Margaret Doody House. It’s not the first time Kim has given back to MSWA. “Years ago, I raised money for MSWA by seeing how far my gopher would go on one charge. I charged people a guess. Personally, I guessed it would last around 11 kilometres. “I left Kondinin at 7.30am, travelled 25km to Kulin, 25km back to Kondinin, and then circled around Kondinin 11 times! The battery finally ran out at 50.9km. We couldn’t believe it, no one had guessed MSWA Dreaming, Ab and Kelly Collard, 2021, acrylic on canvas anywhere near it! Fortunately, it artwork, “To me, it is an appreciation conked out right outside the pub, of the quality service we endeavour so everyone went in to the hotel, to provide to each of our Clients. where they put on free food and In particular, I like the concept alcohol. I remember we raised and title of the artwork being ,000 for MSWA.” MSWA Dreaming.” Manager of Margaret Doody House, MSWA would like to thank Alimul Tasin, says of their new Kim for his years of support. EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST: OT GROUPS The Occupational Therapy team is excited to be recommencing our group sessions following a hiatus since the beginning of the pandemic. We are currently taking expressions of interest for anyone who is interested in attending the following group sessions: / ‘Occupational Therapy and You’ / Assistive technology solutions / Fatigue management / Cognition strategies If you would like more information with regard to the groups, please email your interest to OR contact us on 9365 4854. 28

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY INCLUSION FOR ALL “Medicine adds days to life, occupational therapy adds life to days” - Madeleine Horton, National OT Morning Team, OT Week 2019 Monday, 25 October marked Occupational Therapy (OT) Week where we came together to celebrate the profession of Occupational Therapy and promote the many ways OTs help all people of all abilities to reach their potential. This year’s theme was participation, inclusion and independence, putting a spotlight on the role that OTs play in supporting people to do activities that they find meaningful. Occupational Therapists at MSWA are passionate about helping our Clients reach their potential through their participation within the community. Whether it is getting out of bed, continuing your hobby or interests, or just going to the shops or to the beach – we are always journeying with you to empower you to reach your goals and full potential. We do this through assessments, navigation of funding, provision of equipment, and assistive technology and education around strategies and skill development. It is our hope that through our work with you, we can continue to promote independence in your life and increase your meaningful participation within the community. Ros Harman’s article in the last Bulletin about imagining a world that was designed for people with disability resonated with those of us in the OT team. OTs are privileged to be able to work with Clients to advocate for change within the community and to continually promote participation, inclusion and independence within our communities. While we continually work towards that goal as a community, there are several initiatives and organisations which seek to bridge the gap between disability and the community to enable higher levels of access into community life. These are some of them: COMPANION CARD The Companion Card is a national scheme that enables eligible people with lifelong disability to participate at venues and activities without incurring the cost of a second ticket for their companion for participating affiliate organisations. These can include concerts, sporting events, movies, and performing arts. Learn more about the Companion Card at CHANGING PLACES ‘Changing Places, Transforming Lives’ is the theme of this organisation. They aim to provide suitable facilities for people who cannot use standard accessible toilets and go above and beyond to provide toilets that have ceiling hoists, additional circulation space, privacy screens and adult sized change tables to meet the needs of people with complex disabilities and their carers. To access these toilets and for their locations, an MLAK key can be applied for through DISABILITY GATEWAY Disability Gateway is a new government initiative which is designed to help people with disability, their families and carers find information and connect them to services and supports that they need in Australia. It has a website,, a phone line (1800 643 787) and a Facebook page and covers all areas of life including: Income and Finance, Employment, Aids and Equipment, Housing, Transport, Health and Wellbeing, Everyday Living, Education, Leisure, and Legal Rights. CRYSTAL CHAN MSWA OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY MANAGER 29