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MSWA Bulletin Magazine Spring 2021

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What is assistive technology and how can it help you? | Good health monitoring practices | Pain and pain management series: Part 2 | Farewell Marcus Stafford


ACCOMMODATION & OUTREACH OUTREACH HAPPENINGS: ROCKINGHAM After having featured both Beechboro and Wilson Outreaches in Bulletin this year, this edition will tell you all about Rockingham Outreach, formerly known as ‘Southside’. The longevity of the group goes back well over 20 years. The group began meeting at Lotteries House in Rockingham and was staffed by volunteers. It was an extremely active group of men and women driven by the late Barry Wakelam and his wife Jan. Both Jan and Barry were part of Southside into their eighties and it was a huge part of their lives. Southside’s home after Lotteries House was Seabrooke Avenue in Rockingham. In 2010, I became a part of this group and have many happy memories of the following four years at Seabrooke Avenue. One of the most treasured days was when a young MSWA Ambassador, Josh Kennedy, came to visit. There was a sea of blue and yellow throughout the house and the hype was incredible at having a West Coast Eagles player in our midst! To this day, the group has some very staunch Eagles supporters in attendance. By 2014, another venue was sourced, as the Friday group had grown so much that it was no longer practical. The new premises became – and remain at – 31 Council Avenue in Rockingham. The days of opening have expanded and currently we run three Outreach groups per week. Clients can access physiotherapy and other allied health services whilst also attending Outreach. On a Tuesday, ten very busy ladies attend. They love doing craft, with many of their clever creations decorating the Outreach room. The ladies really enjoy the social interaction with their peers and often say this is what keeps them so positive. This group particularly enjoys going to Respite at MSWA Treendale Gardens together and they have become a force to be reckoned with! The beginning of this year saw a men’s Outreach group start on a Wednesday, which has become very popular. All attendees are as enthusiastic as each other and are able to share their experiences, which often isn’t easy for them. They have become a very close-knit group. Friday remains the busiest day of the week at Rockingham Outreach. Many Clients still attend who were there in the early days at Seabrooke Avenue. Ron Farnham, one of the ‘founding members’, will this month be celebrating his 80th birthday. Any excuse for a party as the saying goes and I have it on good authority that Ron’s birthday will be no exception. Peta McCormack is the Rockingham Outreach Coordinator, with support from Care Support Workers Lynne Fitzgerald, Carmen Archibald and Lisa Rudyk. Rosemary Hall is the Kitchen Supervisor and together the team provide Clients with activities each day, as well as a delicious two course lunch. Monthly programs are set up and the aim of Outreach is for Clients to feel at home and have a happy and fun environment to gather with one another. This is very evident when I visit Rockingham and is a credit to the staff above. As always, Outreach staff are extremely thankful for the many volunteers who spend their time helping with activities, particularly in the kitchen. Thank you to Bryan, Faye and Jill who are an intricate part of the team on their respective days. If you are reading this and would like to find out more information about how you could become part of an Outreach group at Rockingham I can be reached on 9365 4830 or 0409 167 380. Alternatively, email NICOLA RYAN SENIOR OUTREACH COORDINATOR A NEW ROWING MACHINE FOR MSWA WILSON We could have rowed to North America in the time it’s taken for the new rowing machine to arrive at MSWA Wilson! When our old rower broke in January, we ordered a replacement, but due to the surge in people purchasing home exercising equipment during lockdown, it was on backorder for months and only arrived in October. It’s great to see Clients back on the machine. A heartfelt thank you to MSWA Client Frank Montgomery, who generously donated ,000 towards the new rower, pictured here putting it through its paces! 30

OUTREACH CHRISTMAS CLOSURE DATES Outreach Centre Last date for attendance Re-opening Albany 17 December 2021 14 January 2022 Beechboro 17 December 2021 10 January 2022 Bunbury 15 December 2021 12 January 2022 Rockingham 17 December 2021 11 January 2022 Wilson 16 December 2021 10 January 2022 Margaret Doody Respite House will be closed for refurbishment from Wednesday 22 December 2021 to Tuesday 1 February 2022. 31