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DIETETICS SAY ‘CHEESE!’: LET’S KEEP DAIRY IN THE PICTURE The choice to use full-fat or reduced-fat options would be based on personal tastes, nutrition goals and recommendations from your dietitian. So in summary, people living with MS can enjoy dairy foods as part of a healthy diet. Think about your favourite dairy foods and add them to your plate today! HANNAH PAPENDORF MSWA PRACTICUM STUDENT CURTIN UNIVERSITY MASTER OF DIETETICS SUPERVISED BY MSWA SENIOR DIETICIAN MISTY REINKOWSKY MIXED BERRY SMOOTHIE WITH YOGHURT With summer on the way, we have a great mixed berry smoothie recipe for you to try! Mixed Berry Smoothie with Yoghurt (serves 2) Ingredients: References: Australian Dietary Guidelines. (2013). National Health and Medical Research Council Canberra: National Health and Medical Research Council. National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). (2013). Eat for Health: Educator Guide. Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing. files/files/the_guidelines/n55b_eat_for_health_ educators_guide.pdf Dairy foods like milk, cheeses and yoghurt can bring a great source of joy to our meals. But are these foods safe to eat So, what does the research say? Many studies have compared the amount of dairy eaten by people with MS, against their What are healthy dairy foods? The best sources of dairy are milk, cheeses and yoghurt. Lactose-free options are also available for each / 1 banana / 2 cups frozen mixed berries (or berries of your choice) / 1 ½ cups milk for people with MS? Recent research suggests that dairy is safe to include in your diet and is not likely to aggravate your MS symptoms. This is great news! level of fatigue, relapse rates, disability progression and quality of life. Results across these studies have not found a consistent link between eating dairy and worsened MS for any of these factors. This means that eating of these options if needed. Healthy milk choices include fresh or long-life milk and soy-based milks. Other plant-based milks have less protein, but if you prefer these, be sure to pick one that has added calcium and where possible, added / ½ cup Greek yoghurt Method: 1. Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth 2. Divide between two glasses and enjoy! dairy is not likely to make your MS symptoms worse and can be enjoyed within a healthy diet. protein. Look for products that have ‘calcium plus’ or ‘high protein’ on the packaging. A note for texture-modified diets & mealtime management plans The best cheese options are 1. If required, thicken the smoothie Why is dairy good for us? Dairy foods are a great source of protein, calcium and other nutrients. Protein is important to maintain our muscles, immunity, bones and strength. Calcium is also very important to keep our bones strong. These are important nutrients for people living with MS – to keep bones and muscles strong for movement and wellbeing. Dairy foods also provide cheddar or other hard cheeses, ricotta, or cream cheese. Greek or natural yoghurts are also great sources of dairy, and if you prefer plant-based yoghurts, make sure you also check these for added protein and calcium. If you need a diet that is texturemodified, milks and yoghurts can be easily thickened to meet your needs, and can provide great flavour, variety and nutrition to your diet. to a safe consistency for your needs, by either: / Adding more Greek yoghurt or banana, or / Add oats and blitz to a smooth consistency, or / Use flavourless thickener such as Resource ThickenUp 2. For a smooth puree diet, make sure you strain the smoothie before serving to remove any seeds or lumps Source: mixed-berry-yogurt-smoothie/ a healthy energy source, which can help with fatigue and weight management. 22 23