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4 years ago

MSWA Bulletin Magazine Summer 17

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ALBANY OUTREACH GROUP NEWS CAROLINE CLARKE-SMITH, MSWA COORDINATOR We recently had a great talk from Anne our Occupational Therapist on Cognition and MS and if anyone would like the information, let us know as we can send you the notes from the day. We have decided to implement some of Anne’s suggestions into the group by using memory games, Scrabble and quizzes to get the brains working. We also had a great speaker recently on scooter safety which was really interesting and thanks to those Members who came along and asked some great questions on safe use, insurance, breakdowns and road rules. I now know a lot more than I did before. Thank you to Des from Australian Medical Supplies for taking the time again for our group. France was on our minds on 27 October when we had another theme day. It was great and thanks to those who came along and joined in, with some folks bringing their own pictures to share as well as speaking the local lingo. We had French dancing, music, food and wine and we have renamed the Can Can the Can Not! Thank you Hayley, for helping on the day and sourcing music from the internet. We will be into the swim again in February for the Albany Swim, and we are also planning a Members Information Forum for the Friday, the day prior to the Swim. We will have guest speakers from Perth to update us on research and new treatments. Massage has been going well and it is great to see a few new faces taking the opportunity to get pampered and ease a few aches. If you are interested, please give us a call. Hope you have all had a great year and we hope to catch up next year. BEECHBORO LODGE OUTREACH NEWS GISELLE MARTIN, MSWA COORDINATOR The Members, staff, and volunteers at Beechboro Outreach Groups were happy to leave this year’s long wet winter behind us and looked forward to enjoying the mild Spring weather before the real heat of summer kicks in! We can now enjoy BBQs and getting into some gardening. Our biggest news is that the building here will undertake a large renovation over the holidays! The changes are designed to significantly increase the size of our physiotherapy gym. Currently, physiotherapy is divided into two rooms to help cater for its busy Member activities and to accommodate all the equipment. After the works are completed, the massage department will also have a new area with plenty of space for three private cubicles. The main meeting area will also get new floor covering which will look modern and fantastic, we’re sure. During the changes most of the current office layout will also be re-distributed. Counselling will have a more private location and the Outreach and Member Services staff swap offices as well. After extensive consultation with Members, Dave Hathorn, the Manager of Physiotherapy, Joseph Jangi, our indispensable handyman, and Sue Shapland, Our General Manager for Member Services, MSWA have agreed on a design that is hoped to be the most suitable to meet our needs and best serve our Members. Work starts when Outreach closes for the Christmas break in mid-December and are due to be completed before we return in the New Year. Our last opening day will be Friday, 15 December 2017 and our first day back after the break will be Monday, 15 January 2018. We are all very excited to see the renovation and will look forward to starting a new year in a fresh environment. 30 | MSWA BULLETIN SUMMER 2017

WILSON OUTREACH NEWS NICOLA RYAN, MSWA SENIOR OUTREACH COORDINATOR Time never seems to stand still for those who attend Wilson Outreach whether you’re a Member, a volunteer or staff. We always have activities to suit one and all and here is just an overview of 2017! Visiting Groups have been a part of Outreach for many years. We have regular visitors such as DUO 41 Roger and Bill, who have sung to the Tuesday and Wednesday groups a couple of times this year. They help to bring back all those wonderful memories from over the years with their delightful music. On one occasion they brought the Riverside Gardens Men’s Choir with them and together they were a powerful unit. We were contacted by the City of Canning early in the year who had obtained a grant to run a one-hour wildlife experience facilitated by the WA Birds of Prey. The Outreach Members were thrilled to have this group visit on not one, but two occasions. We were treated to having five species of native raptors shown to us and some of the audience were even able to hold them! It was a truly fascinating experience for all those in attendance. Arts & Crafts are popular with Outreach Members whether it be for the more ‘professional’ painters amongst us or those who like to just dabble. Making decorations to brighten our area, both indoors and outdoors, happens quite regularly with Members participating in whatever way they choose. Sometimes this is just watching others doing the activity, however, we always find hidden talents when Members decide to give it a try. Billy, our resident Scarecrow who looks after our vegetable patch, is a great example of everyone pitching in to bring him to life. So much laughter was created with this rather different art! Outings are arranged when the weather is being kind as well as subject to the availability of our buses. We have visited many places including Kings Park to view the wildflowers and Cottesloe Beach to see the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, as well as local parks. One of the most popular was Tomato Lake in Belmont. Sometimes our ‘outings’ are here at Wilson, and we make use of the great outdoor areas and picnic on the back veranda. Members enjoy taking in the view of our fantastic vegetable gardens and the fresh air. Theme months for the year included Outreach ‘travelling’ to Las Vegas, Italy and France. Themes are always lots of fun with some added games appropriate to the destination. When in Vegas we had a roulette table and in Italy we played bocce. France was lots of music, dancing and of course eating. We sampled some amazing cuisine made right here on our premises and Members joined in the fun and dressed up, which added to the ambience! These wonderful activities would never come to fruition without the amazing staff and volunteers who are dedicated to supporting our Wilson Outreach Members. Many hours are spent with extra preparation, shopping and most of all, caring for the Members whilst attending Outreach. Without our great team, none of the above would be possible. I’m sure you will all like to join with me in thanking each one of them for their time and dedication which helped make 2017 the success that it was. Here’s to an even more exciting 2018! MSWA BULLETIN SUMMER 2017 | 31