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MSWA Bulletin Magazine Summer 2019

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THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Annual General Meeting held 11am Tuesday, 15 October 2019 at Wilson: MSWA delivers most successful year ever. DR GREG BROTHERSON For those of you who could not attend the MSWA Annual General Meeting, the following is a précis of the Annual Report and audited financial statements. Copies of this Report and Financial Statements, including the statement of comprehensive income, are available on the MSWA website. The President, Mr George Pampacos, reported 2019 was MSWA’s most successful year, with significant milestones being achieved, recordbreaking income and a resultant contribution to research. This success has been the result of strategic planning by the CEO, senior managers and Board over the past five years. MSWA stayed on the originally planned path, whilst being adaptable with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and always remembering that everything the organisation does is for its Customers. He talked of the amazing and record-breaking events that were delivered to the MSWA community throughout the year. It was a great community program filled with fun, professionalism and clear MSWA branding. He thanked the events team, led by Gail Szabo, who go above the call of duty to make sure the events are a great success. Mr Pampacos also spoke about the opening of the Butler facility in Perth’s north, providing residential care and services to northern suburbs Customers. In addition, property has been purchased in Albany, with construction starting in this financial year for a similar facility to that in Butler. The new premises in Belmont is also an important central hub for the newly diagnosed, as well as a new home for the Brand, Marketing and Sales and Administration teams. Mr Pampacos’s full report can be read in the Annual Report. The Treasurer, Horst Bemmerl, reported that the Mega Home and Luxury Lottery campaigns were extremely successful this year, allowing MSWA to post a surplus for the year of ,178,457, and achieving record revenue of ,193,618. The total income from Brand, Marketing and Sales was ,219,188. Expenditure on services to Members and non-Members was ,757,440 (up from ,763,458 the previous year), including the research contribution of .5 million. Our organisation’s balance sheet reflects an increase in net assets to ,692,766 and total assets increased to ,124,189. The CEO Marcus Stafford AM announced MSWA posted a record result against all measures. This result was delivered at a time of great challenge for the disability sector, with recent research findings showing 28% of service providers operating at a loss and 13% of organisations considering closing their doors. Mr Stafford thanked and congratulated the MSWA team of over 800 people, without whom these stellar results would not have been possible. The wider MSWA community is equally important - the broad range of volunteers, Board Directors and Government partners, Members and Clients, and business and retail customers. Each group plays an important role within the organisation. Mr Stafford also talked of MSWA securing its position as the leading funder of MS research in the nation, together with growing funding into broader neurological research. The record contribution of .5 million will include both scientific and importantly, translational research. 6

Through the incorporation of sound commercial principles and by placing our Customer at the heart of MSWA’s operating model, the organisation has performed strongly within the NDIS environment. The marketplace encourages scale to minimise the impact of fixed costs; a reality that MSWA both understands and embraces. Choice and control for people with disabilities and their families is a foundation principle we support wholeheartedly, as it places the power of decision-making where it belongs – with the Customer. Our results show both the attraction of new Customers, most notably from the broader neurological segment and the retention of Members. The ratio of people with disabilities who we serve under the NDIS now stands at 60% people with MS and 40% people with other neurological conditions. The 2019-20 year will see the complete roll out of the NDIS and the continued growth of all facets of the organisation. Further development launches from the firm foundations that MSWA has built over the last ten years and aligns with the clear roadmap contained within the organisation’s strategic plan. New Board Members were confirmed, and Mr Pampacos announced that Michael Linto, Nebo Franich, Michael Fay, and Glennys Marsdon were elected to the Board. ANNUAL REPORT 2018-19 Copies of the Annual Report and audited Financial Statements, including the Statement of Comprehensive Income, can be found online at RSM are appointed auditors for the coming year. There being no questions from Members, the meeting closed. 7