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MSWA Bulletin Magazine Summer 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination Advice from Professor Carroll AM | The Role of the Local Area Coordinator | Continence Physiotherapy | Counselling: Men, Let's Talk


VOLUNTEERING, CAMPS & RECREATION VOLUNTEER AND CAMPS NEWS DAWN BURKE COORDINATOR OF VOLUNTEERS AND CAMPS Hello and welcome to 2021, where we start afresh and go into the year full steam ahead. I hope you all enjoyed your well-earned break and are starting to get into the swing of things again. I took my yearly pilgrimage to Hamelin Bay (near Augusta) with my daughter and four of my little grandies in tow. Such a beautiful spot. If you haven’t been before it is well renowned for the stingrays that cruise up and down along the water’s edge waiting to be fed fish offcuts by those who dive and fish daily. People take joy and wonder in feeding them and the size they are. It is always extremely important for me to welcome you all back and thank you for last year’s volunteering efforts and send out my gratitude for the future volunteering efforts in 2021. I really rejoice in our fortune in having so many dedicated and long-serving volunteers. You are truly appreciated. For those who are joining us for the first time this year, I send out a big welcome and offer you our thanks for joining the MSWA team. Hopefully, all regular celebrations will be running smoothly again this year and we may be able to host you at our Annual Volunteers’ Luncheon currently planned for May. Details will follow shortly, and if it is like all our previous luncheons, the company, atmosphere, and food will be truly amazing. In December, I attended a Volunteering Manager Network meeting which was held at the new Kings Park volunteer hub call Wanju Mar (‘welcome hand’). It was a beautiful new building with an outdoor area and BBQs for volunteers to sit and come together. It is always lovely to see where other volunteers go and see what they do. I had not been to Kings Park for some time and it was nice to have the awesome view of our city laying out before me. When it cools down a bit, I would suggest a visit to check out our beautiful city that is the heart of WA. Depending on how the next few months pan out, Camps will still be running. Hopefully I will have a better idea of dates for the 2021/22 camps and retreats for our Clients and carers. Watch this space for dates as they arise. It is always so wonderful talking to you all, please take care in this precarious environment of ours and be safe in all you do. If you have any questions, ideas or feedback, please email me as all or any suggestions are welcomed and valued. That’s it from me for now. Until next time. 28

ACCOMMODATION & OUTREACH MEN’S OUTREACH IN ROCKINGHAM In 2020, MSWA introduced a Men’s Outreach Group, held every Wednesday morning at the MSWA Rockingham Services Centre. Nicola Ryan, Senior Outreach Coordinator, explains that the group was started after the COVID-19 lockdown last year. “We needed to make the existing Friday group smaller due to the limited space for social distancing,” says Nicola. “Some of our male Clients were already attending physiotherapy on a Wednesday so the opportunity arose to schedule a men’s Outreach group on the same morning. “It’s been fantastic to see how the men have formed friendships. They have been able to reach out to other men who are in a similar situation, with the support of the friendly Outreach staff.” David Perry, an MSWA Client who was diagnosed with MS in 2012, says, “It took me a while to feel ready to sign up for the Outreach group. What helped me was coming into the Rockingham Centre for physio and getting to know the guys slowly that way. Once I joined the group, everyone was so great. We don’t load each other with problems. It feels normal to chat or joke, knowing that everyone is in a similar situation.” MSWA runs many different Outreach groups and welcomes all Clients to attend. To enquire about joining this group or your local group, please phone Nicola Ryan on 9365 4830, or email “It’s good to get together with people in a similar situation. We can all relate so well.” – David “On Wednesdays it’s boys’ day at Outreach. It’s good to meet up and share stories.” – Philip “I come for physio then stay for lunch with the Outreach crew.” – Charles “I’m younger than these guys, but we’re alike in other ways. And it’s a great feed!” - David “We drink tea and coffee. And there’s craft, board games and conversation.” – Graham “It’s a great crowd at Outreach.” – Peter 29