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MSWA Bulletin Magazine Summer 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination Advice from Professor Carroll AM | The Role of the Local Area Coordinator | Continence Physiotherapy | Counselling: Men, Let's Talk


MEMBER & CLIENT SERVICES NICOLA WASHINGTON GENERAL MANAGER MEMBER & CLIENT SERVICES Welcome to the summer edition of our Member & Client Services Bulletin. As we continue to watch how the pandemic is still impacting countries around the world, Australia remains one of the safest places to be, with comparatively few restrictions. The success of short-term lockdowns in keeping the numbers down and controlling community spread of COVID-19 has enabled us to plan for some more group seminars during 2021 so look out for the information on what will be planned throughout the year on the Programs, Workshops & Events page on our website. The latest news on NDIS involves discussions around the implementation of the independent assessments. This was first raised in 2019 and discussed further by Minister Roberts in an information paper released late November 2020. The key points are: / Independent assessments are free. / An independent assessment will take around three hours. / You can choose to have it at a place that suits you, or by video call. / The results of your assessment will help us work out your NDIS supports and budget. / By mid-2021, independent assessments will be part of the access process for new participants. / By the end of 2021, independent assessments will be used as part of the normal plan review process If you have any questions regarding your NDIS plan, please do not hesitate to contact – our team are always ready to help you navigate any problem or question you may have. The following link to the NDIS website provides more detail on the independent assessments process for you to review: independent-assessment-process We are continuing to focus on how we can improve our service delivery. This involves reviewing our processes and supporting systems. I am very pleased to advise that we recruited Liz Stewart, Manager Service Improvement, and Ierfaan Peck, Manager, Business Transformation into the team. Both Liz and Ierfaan will have a dedicated focus on improving our systems and processes to ensure we are working the best we can to provide service delivery. I would also like to welcome Victoria Amey, Manager of Community Support. Victoria is managing the services provided in the home and will also be looking at how we get this right for you, our Clients. Victoria provides an update on page 25 of some of the initiatives currently being worked on. Last month you would have received an invitation to our annual Client satisfaction survey to understand how we performed in 2020. The feedback gathered for this survey will enable us to continue to make improvements. The results from the survey are currently being analysed and the findings will be reported in the next few weeks; we look forward to seeing the results and your feedback. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. I wish you all the best start to 2021. 6

RESEARCH RESEARCH IN FOCUS Here, we provide an insight into the research projects we are funding in Western Australia. SYSTEMATIC PROFILING IN NEUROLOGICAL CONDITIONS (SPIN) RESEARCHERS SEEKING INTERESTED CLIENTS One of our research partners, Edith Cowan University is looking for people aged between 18 and 85 years living with neurological conditions, who are keen to contribute to a novel approach to tailoring interventions to individual needs in a project funded by MSWA. This study will provide valuable information needed to develop interventions to help improve the quality of life and future for people living with neurological conditions. What would I need to do to be part of the study? / Attend an annual assessment at ECU, which will look at your memory and thinking, as well as your physical capacity. / Donate a blood sample and undergo a body composition scan. / Answer questionnaires in the comfort of your own home. Some of the research you could be part of: / Trialling the effects of light therapy on fatigue and excessive daytime sleepiness in people living with neurological conditions, via specially made glasses, worn for sixty minutes in the morning, which deliver targeted light therapy through the eyes. / Trialling a motion capture and digital gaming system called Mindpod to deliver therapeutic treatments for people with upper limb impairments – a common symptom for people living with a neurological condition. For further information please contact: Manja Laws, Project Coordinator 6304 2423 or 7

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