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5 months ago

MSWA Bulletin Magazine Summer 2022

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Keeping your cool this summer | Welcome Melanie Kiely CEO | MSWA Stationary Cycle results | Pain and pain management series: Part 3


FROM THE DESK OF THE CEO MELANIE KIELY CEO It is an absolute honour to be writing this, my first Bulletin communication with you as the new CEO of MSWA. I am aware of the responsibility of guiding this amazing organisation and its team as we support Western Australians with neurological conditions to live their best lives. I am also conscious of the role we can play in supporting the research community to find cures and ways to slow down or better manage symptoms. My predecessor Marcus Stafford has led the organisation with focus and passion and hands it over in very good shape. My job is to work with the Board and the team to define how we make an even greater impact for the people we exist to support. My first and most significant goal is to listen – to listen to you, our Clients, to hear what gaps exist in supporting you. I’m listening to ways we can invest our resources to support you better and where we need to help shape the future for Western Australians, and indeed all Australians, living with neurological conditions. I am aware we have positioned ourselves with the tagline ‘We Know Neuro’. I want to understand what that means for you, what opportunities exist to have an even greater impact, and how we can adapt to really meet all your needs and specialise in this area. I am conscious we are nothing without the passion and dedication of our amazing staff who go out every day to homes, community centres and our MSWA Services Centres, to help our Clients. The ongoing efforts of our entire workforce is incredible. All our support staff in rostering (who make sure the right carer is with the right Client at the right time – no small feat), infection control, the call centre, property management and every other part of our organisation. There are too many to mention, but in my first week I have been so touched by their passion for what we are here to do and their willingness to give their best and more. My job is to work with them to set the direction, remove any barriers and empower them to be their best. Of course, as we are all acutely aware, this is all going on in an uncertain COVID-19 world. The pressure this is placing on all our teams and Clients is evident. The team and I are working very hard to make sure we have plans in place should the number of cases surge. Our biggest challenge will be the availability of staff as infections rise. We are comforted by the slow, but clearer guidance coming through the State Government now, which is helping our planning. To get through this, we will all need to work together. I know our frontline teams are meeting with our Clients now to put in place ‘partnership’ plans – to understand what is important to each of you and what other family or community resources are in place to support you and our staff – to supplement MSWA resources if that is needed at any point in time. The key is to make sure you are safe and getting the essential care you need, and that our staff are supported to do this while also keeping safe. In short, I am so honoured and humbled to have this role and I look forward to meeting you, listening to you and learning from you all as we navigate the present and the future. 4

STRATEGIC SUPPORTS AND RESIDENTIAL OPTIONS SUE SHAPLAND RN, BN, MSCN GENERAL MANAGER STRATEGIC SUPPORTS AND RESIDENTIAL OPTIONS “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” Michael Altshuler. How very true this statement is, on so many fronts. I for one have now been with MSWA for nineteen years – and yet the time has flown by as it only seems a few years ago I joined the team and set off on this great journey with MSWA. So much has changed over those years too but I really think what hasn’t changed is the staff desire to make a difference for those we support. We have grown significantly as an organisation and created success which has then supported our dreams to expand our footprint and build new facilities to support our Clients and house the expanding teams that support the programs we deliver. Also, it’s been two years since COVID-19 became the unwelcome guest in our lives, creating so much upheaval on so many fronts! As we all say – WA has fared better than most states and countries, for which we are very grateful – but nonetheless it is impacting so many individuals and families in so many ways and that can’t be underestimated. MSWA continues to follow all the WA and Federal Government and Health directions regarding vaccinations and use of masks and other necessary infection control measures – doing all we can to keep our Clients and staff safe. The time since we started planning for our Albany project has flown by and opening of the Services Centre and High Support Accommodation is imminent and it’s quite impressive. For so many years the Clients and staff have had limited space and equipment and now they really won’t know themselves! We can grow our Great Southern services, supporting our current and future neurological Clients in this beautiful region. We had all hoped that 2022 would start to see the impact of COVID-19 start to wane, not so thus far, but what is positive is that families and friends are staying close and supporting each other, unless they are unfortunate enough to be out of WA currently – but hopefully this will ease, and we can start getting some normality back again. I wish you all a belated Happy New Year and hope you, and yours, stay well and safe in 2022. MSWA will continue to provide updates and support you as best we can. 5