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MSWA Bulletin Magazine Summer 2023

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PHYSIOTHERAPY LYMPHOEDEMA CLINIC NOW AT YOUR SERVICE WILSON GYM UPGRADE PROVIDES CLIENTS WITH MORE OPTIONS An important injury prevention “People who also spend a lot of MSWA Wilson was a hive of service has landed at MSWA time in wheelchairs or in bed are excitement in January, as Clients which will look to relieve and susceptible to pressure injuries, so and staff came together to witness manage swelling experienced by if the health of your skin isn’t great the opening of the expanded MSWA Clients. to begin with, you are more likely to gym space, complete with new Offered through the Physiotherapy Team, the new lymphoedema service has been in development for several months to refine an effective process and is now ready to accept interested Clients. develop pressure injuries and find it more difficult to recover from them, because the circulation isn’t as good as it could be.” Left untreated, swelling could result in lasting damage. equipment to suit the growing needs of our Client base. This ,000 upgrade was made possible by generous supporters through MSWA’s Annual Dinner Auction and Senior Physiotherapist Randall Rooney explained that ‘Lymphoedema’ is an umbrella term used for a range of swelling disorders and is a common problem experienced by people with reduced mobility usually in the lower limbs and less frequently in the arms or trunk of the body. Randall explained that early intervention is key to ensuring Clients do not develop painful injuries as a result of the swelling. “Swelling in tissues produces a barrier between the circulation and the cells, making the distance greater for the exchange of oxygen, nutrients and waste,” he said. “When we have swelling, the health of the cells is not as good as what it could be, which can eventually lead to changes in the skin and toenails.” “Ongoing swelling causes the cells to release a low-grade inflammatory response, which results in tissue scarring,” he said. “If we can manage it early, then we don’t get to that stage, as this becomes much harder to manage.” When engaging with the lymphoedema service, the physiotherapist will complete an initial assessment and medical background check to ascertain why the swelling is occurring. Measurements are then taken first thing in the morning when swelling is at it’s minimum to prescribe custom compression garments which can be worn throughout the day to stop the development of swelling. Considerations are also made around the Client’s ability to apply and remove the garment and a donning aid may also be prescribed to assist. The physiotherapist will also provide education around the management of the swelling, including the importance of hydration and how to elevate and ice. For more complex cases, there are other options such as bandaging to decongest the limb over a series of visits, before moving to custom garments. Other treatments include manual lymph drainage, a specific technique developed in Germany by Dr. Emil Vodder. “It is about stimulating the lymphatic system to drain the tissues more efficiently,” Randall said. “It is a very interesting concept. If you think of the lymphatic system as a vacuum cleaner which is constantly sucking back to the heart, it is about stimulating the system to help drain the fluid.” If you have noticed the development of swelling during the heat of summer or have ongoing swelling concerns contact to find out how the lymphoedema service could help you. will allow our Physiotherapy Team to provide better support to current and newly diagnosed Clients. It also signalled the opening of a dedicated assessment space, a critical resource having added three new physiotherapy services over the past two years (Lymphodema, Respiratory and Continence). MSWA Physiotherapy manager James Beckett said the upgrade would provide improved options, space and privacy for Clients receiving services. “Previously we had not been able to offer Clients who are newly diagnosed, or in the very early stages of their neuro condition, with the level of support we would like,” James said. “These Clients need different equipment, which means more space and slightly different services.” “This is now possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters. We spent many a month poring over our equipment choices to make sure we spent all of that money as wisely as possible.” Manager Allied Health Services Carol Chong said this upgrade provided Clients with renewed options and access to improved technology. “It means we can better tailor our services to meet our Clients’ needs because it is not a one-size fits all service,” she said. “We need to be continually looking at improvement and what is the Thank you to our generous supporters for positively impacting the lives of our Clients through your donation. “Without our supporters it would have taken a lot longer to get where we are today.” Carol said this work was just the beginning, and the team would continue to look at options to broaden our offerings at each facility. “It ultimately provides a wider range of services for all of our Clients.” most suitable for our Clients as things advance.” 22 23