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MSWA Bulletin Magazine Winter 2021

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OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY POSTURAL CARE There are 24 hours in a day. Out of 8,760 hours of the year, a person with movement problems will spend approximately 3,640 hours in bed.* Good sleep positioning is important. Once the hips and knees lose the ability to straighten fully, the legs will adopt an avoidable position with either the knees together, the knees out to the side, or a ‘windswept’ position with both knees to one side. Maintaining or improving sleep quality and quantity are equally as important as maintaining an effective night time position. A good position is usually more symmetrical, more supportive, and with less risk of pressure. Lying on your back in a supportive position, compared to lying unsupported on your side allows the force of gravity to be used in positive manner to keep your spine in neutral and to gently stretch your knees and hips. Night time positioning equipment needs to be simple in order to be effective. The MSWA OT team has recently been approved to purchase the Simple Stuff Works Positioning System which is available to trial. The kit consists of two layers of nonslip mesh which cover the mattress and supports are placed in between these layers to keep the person comfortable and well positioned. Some people may need support to correct established problems such as chest rotation – this is easily done using the Simple Stuff Works System. Temperature control when using night time positioning equipment can be complicated. However, the Simple Stuff Works Positioning System aims to address this by providing breathable, temperate fibres which wick away perspiration. The mesh allows air to circulate to maintain a neutral environment for temperature. Speak to your Occupational Therapist today about trialling this positioning equipment and a range of pillows to see if this would suit you. * Source: Simple Stuff Works Associates, 2015 NABAA SAMNAKAY SENIOR OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST SPECIALIST DISABILITY ACCOMMODATION (SDA) ASSESSMENTS The Occupational Therapy team are excited to announce a new service for eligible NDIS Clients. We have been trained and can now assist our NDIS Clients to transition into Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). SDA is a form of housing that is specifically designed to support Clients to receive the support that they need to live in the community. There are different housing types that our occupational therapists can recommend, such as: / high physical support (housing that has been designed to incorporate high level of physical access), / fully accessible (appropriate for Clients that have high physical needs), / robust (housing that is made out of strong materials and requires less maintenance to reduce risk to the participant and community), / improved liveability (housing with reasonable level of physical access). Our occupational therapists work with you to assess your needs and current home environment to determine the best housing and support options for yourself and your family. It is important to us to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live in a safe, comfortable environment that meets their expectations and improves their quality of life. To enquire about eligibility for an SDA assessment, please contact your Client Liaison Coordinator (CLC) or your Support Coordinator for a referral to the OT department. LINA MAGEED SENIOR OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST 28

BRAND, MARKETING & SALES REGISTRATIONS OPEN SOON! The MSWA Stationary Cycle Challenge is a cycling challenge completed on a stationary bike over an 8-week period, concluding the week of the MSWA Ocean Ride event. As an MSWA Client, you can register for the challenge and track your distance on a stationary bike as part of your weekly physiotherapy routine. We offer prizes for the Highest Individual Fundraiser, Most Kilometres Ridden by an Individual, and Most Kilometres Ridden by a Team (they get to host the perpetual shield for the year!) How to get involved: 1. Registrations open Monday, 23 August 2021 2. Sign up for FREE with your physio or visit at 3. Ride between Monday, 27 September 2021 and Friday, 19 November 2021 during your weekly physiotherapy sessions. 4. Make a difference for MSWA! For enquiries please contact or call 6454 3131 “For anyone else who'd like to give the MSWA Stationary Cycle Challenge a go, I would say do it! It's a fabulous way to exercise and the funds it raises goes to a great cause – MSWA.” Liz Elliot, MSWA Client This year will be Liz Elliot’s third MSWA Stationary Cycle Challenge. Liz lives with an acquired brain injury – the result of a grade three brain tumour she was diagnosed with in 2016. MSWA has been heavily involved in her rehabilitation and the MSWA Stationary Cycle Challenge forms part of her goal to return to cycling. 29