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2 years ago

MSWA Bulletin Magazine Winter 2021

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VOLUNTEERING, CAMPS & RECREATION VOLUNTEER LUNCHEON 2021 Each year at our Volunteer Luncheon, we recognise some of our volunteers for their invaluable contribution to MSWA. This year, we were pleased to give special thanks the following volunteers for their service: Chrystal Ling Chrystal does wonderful work supporting our residents over the weekend, spending time with them and making the day special. The staff and management appreciate Chrystal on many levels for making a difference in residents’ lives. John and Sylvia Griffith Beautiful gardens take a lot of work to maintain, and this is what John and Sylvia do for us at Fern River. They are a true team, and together they make a massive difference at Fern River, improving and making our gardens colourful and beautiful. Commended by: Danuta Figurska, Manager - Fern River Murray Newman For Murray nothing is too much trouble, and he has been invaluable helping out with repairs, gardening, putting up shelves and hanging pictures, carrying out monthly inspections on our van, and doing odd jobs around the facility. Commended by: Chris Rush, Manager - Butler Accommodation Endera Padmanathan Endera is reliable, hardworking and has chef quality knife skills that any cook would admire. She is so kind and helpful and has a wealth of culinary knowledge that contributes wonderfully to the food that is prepared in the kitchen. Thank you Endera for teaching us so many things. Commended by: Justine Webb, Kitchen Supervisor - Wilson Barbara Williams Barbara has helped us in the office for so many years, and she is brilliant. Barbara is a very optimistic person bringing us a pleasant atmosphere. Barbara is a patient and hard worker. She commenced volunteering at Fern River in February 2013. Commended by: Danuta Figurska, Manager - Fern River Commended by: Danuta Figurska, Manager - Fern River Peter Barnes Peter is an activities assistant who goes above and beyond for us all at Outreach in Beechboro. Peter never misses a Friday, he puts a smile on absolutely everyone's face and our team would not be complete without him. Commended by: Chrystal Ruthven, Outreach Coordinator Beechboro 30

Andrea Donatti Andrea is one of our dedicated and reliable Peer Phone Support volunteers who has been supporting some of our Clients. Andrea is an MSWA Client which makes her very relatable when speaking to others who have MS. I am very appreciative and grateful to have Andrea working with us and helping our MSWA community feel heard, seen and supported. Commended by: Dajana Tesevic, Counsellor Gillian Rawlings Gillian is new to the team at Rockingham Outreach. She works in the kitchen on a Wednesday, which is a new day for Outreach, and her volunteering has enabled a lunch to be offered to our participants. Her enthusiasm and friendly nature is to be commended. Gillian is always willing to oblige no matter what the task. Commended by: Peta McCormack- Luckins, Outreach Coordinator - Rockingham Meg Gillespie Meg works two days a week in the Wilson kitchen. She is extremely reliable and always makes an effort to be friendly with Clients, staff and other volunteers. Many thanks from your team, Meg. Commended by: Justine Webb, Kitchen Supervisor - Wilson Anju Shukla Anju commenced volunteering a few months ago in the Finance team and all her help and effort is really appreciated. It is a pleasure to work with Anju. She is a team player, friendly and keen to learn. She always offers me help if I need it. She has a positive work attitude and many qualities that are very uplifting in the workplace. Commended by: Sooyian Yap, Finance Officer Margaret Wells Margaret started volunteering at a time when many are planning retirement. In August, she reaches 10 years of service in volunteering. Outreach would certainly not run as smoothly each week if it wasn’t for Margaret. Outreach staff and Clients are enriched by Margaret’s presence each week and for this we are very thankful for everything she does for us. Commended by: Zuraini Hussain, Outreach Coordinator - Wilson OUR NEW VOLUNTEER AND CAMPS COORDINATOR Hi there! I’m Mala Padmanathan, the new Volunteer and Camps Coordinator. Interestingly, my journey with MSWA started as a volunteer at Wilson Outreach. After a few months, I decided I enjoyed it enough to want to stay. For the last five years, I’ve been a Recreation Support Worker with MSWA, working at some of our facilities including Wilson, Fern River and Hamilton Hill. I’m now on a new journey in a new role and am looking forward to meeting each of you in the weeks to come. If you or someone you know has an interest in volunteering or attending an MSWA Camp, you can contact me on 6454 3184. 31