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2 years ago

MSWA Bulletin Magazine Winter 2021

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RESEARCH MSWA COMMITMENT TO RESEARCH, 2021 ANNOUNCEMENT Last month, MSWA was proud to announce that in this 2021/22 financial year, we are committing a record-breaking amount of million to neurological research. This new million contribution is being used by recipients to advance studies to clinical trials for new treatments and medications, develop and trial new apps and educational tools, and provide novel insights that add to the knowledge of the wider neurological research community. Marcus Stafford, our CEO, said of the announcement, “As we prepare to celebrate our champions in the forthcoming Olympic Games, supporters of MSWA should feel proud to take their place on the podium. MSWA’s million contribution to research is a gold medal winning achievement for people with neurological conditions. In fact, I am delighted to say that this record-breaking contribution to research makes MSWA the largest non-government funder of neurological research in Australia.” While we contribute funding for projects and studies across Australia and the world, we are particularly proud of the ongoing support of neurological research taking place in Western Australia. By supporting local institutions and experts, we are making research developments accessible to our community, and providing opportunities for Western Australia to become a hub for high quality research. 8

We are pleased to once again be partnering with MS Australia, the International Progressive MS Alliance, the Perron Institute, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, and Telethon Kids Institute in projects they are leading across various neurological research areas. Associate Professor Desmond Graham, President of MS Australia, said, “This funding commitment from MSWA is significant, and on behalf of MS Australia, the MS community and myself as a person living with MS, I would like to thank the MSWA Board and CEO Marcus Stafford. “This funding boost will assist to supercharge MS research in Australia, some great examples of which occur in WA. It will accelerate the world leading work of our MS researchers, enabling them to identify new treatments for people living with MS, in particular those with the progressive forms of the disease, as well as investigate ways to enhance the brain’s defences against MS and repair myelin.” The Perron Institute’s CEO Steve Arnott said, "MSWA’s funding means our researchers can continue striving to find novel treatments for people living with a range of neurological conditions. "Their support is also helping the Perron Institute to expand its work with both new and existing programs and increase its achievements within various research streams." Our commitment to research helps us get one step closer to having a better understanding of the causes of neurological conditions, finding new treatments, realising potential cures, and providing hope for people living with neurological conditions. As always, our contribution is only made possible through the incredible support of our fundraising community. Together, we are ready to make an impact. More about the projects we are funding is detailed over page. Two MSWA Clients (your representatives on this year’s Editorial Working Group) attended the media conference at which the funding announcement was made. Nicolette Murphy, who lives with MS, said, “The million announcement gives me hope that we will have a cure in my lifetime.” Tracey Hockey, who had a stroke in 2016, said, “I can only comment about how the research helps me personally, now and in the future. MSWA are not only contributing to what neuro needs are Nicolette Murphy and Tracey Hockey right now, they support research that helps in evolving better ways forward. As an MSWA Client it excites me to know that the care and information I'm receiving from them is new and cutting edge. MSWA's funding makes sure that we with neuro conditions have the most up-to-date information, care and technology available. New ways of living, knowing, thinking and being.” 9