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MSWA Bulletin Magazine Winter 2022

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Farewell Sue Shapland | Pain and pain management series: Part 5 | MSWA's Employment Support Service | Tips for staying motivated over winter


FROM THE DESK OF THE CEO MELANIE KIELY CEO It is hard to believe it has been over five months since I joined MSWA. In so many ways it feels like it has been so much longer and in others, it has simply flown. In all respects, it has lived up to my expectations. The Clients I have met who have been so open, warm and sharing, and our staff who are so unbelievably committed to our Purpose of supporting people with neurological conditions to live their best lives. Our goal is to be the difference that allows them to do that. Whilst COVID-19 has become the new ‘normal’, we cannot forget the impact it has had on everyone since it started. I am incredibly grateful to all our staff, Clients and their carers, who have adapted to stricter measures, staff shortages and even lockdowns. I can see the fatigue on everyone’s faces and I hope many get to take a break and catch their breath, especially as travel is now a little easier and freer. To all of you who are getting to meet up with family and friends you haven’t seen for so long, I wish you a wonderful reunion. This last period has also brought significant change. We have said goodbye to both Ros Harman our President and long serving Board member, and Sue Shapland who has been a leader at MSWA for almost 20 years. Both have gone to focus on family and in Sue’s case, to ponder her next adventure. Senior Manager, Administration, Property Development & Facilities Andrea Taylor departed MSWA at the end of July, after 20 years with the organisation. Every MSWA residential facility you walk into has Andrea’s mark on it and she should be so proud of everything she’s done. We thank them on behalf of our Clients, research partners, clinicians and staff – locally and nationally. They are part of the proud history of MSWA. There are many exciting developments and changes coming, including us welcoming a number of new staff and taking on greater challenges. Nicola Washington (who has led our community services teams for the last few years) is taking on all our Client operations (including Residential) and Vanishree Chetti is stepping up to run our clinical operations, reporting into Nicki. In addition, we have promoted a dedicated Quality, Safety and Risk Manager Alison Cox, who will be reporting to me and will focus on taking an independent role from operations to make sure we deliver safe and high-quality services. I will also be appointing a dedicated People and Culture Executive to ensure we can attract, retain and develop our workforce and people. As we move ahead to implement our new people centred strategy, focused firmly on our Purpose, I look forward to listening to our Clients and staff to understand how we build on the great work our teams already do and make an even greater impact for the people we are here to support. I hope you brave the cold weather well, keep eating well, (soups, roast veggies and my homemade almond apple crumble are my favourite), and don’t forget to keep moving as much as possible – it is not only good for you but it helps to keep you warm. I am finding it so hard to get up in the morning to exercise when it is so cold and dark that I have started contemplating sleeping in my exercise clothes! Take care and thank you for your ongoing support of MSWA and all that we are trying to do. 4

STRATEGIC SUPPORTS AND RESIDENTIAL OPTIONS SUE SHAPLAND RN, BN, MSCN GENERAL MANAGER STRATEGIC SUPPORTS AND RESIDENTIAL OPTIONS “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss Well, this is my last Bulletin post as I ride off into the sunset after 19 ½ years at MSWA. Wow! Where did those years go? It is with some sadness but great pride that I leave MSWA. When I joined, we were a much smaller organisation and in need of change or we wouldn’t survive financially – and look at us now! Our income streams were overhauled, and the MSWA Mega Home Lottery became the real game changer for us – injecting much needed funds to support our Clients, plug the gaps (pre-NDIS) and grow our services and footprint to meet the diverse range of needs from the newly diagnosed through to those with high care needs. I was here for the roll out of many of the MS disease modifying treatments, growing from four treatments in 2003 to 13 now, and our MS nursing team was there providing vital tailored information and support including in-hospital clinics, which all continues now. As we became more successful, we were able to grow our fantastic allied health team in the absence of government funding, adding in counselling, speech therapy and dietetics, supporting our holistic approach. In addition, we added new locations for our Outreach and Services Centres, bringing supports closer to home. We have increased our highsupport accommodation places from seven (in 2003) to 52 (in 2022) and from one location to five. Building these beautiful homes has been a highlight for me and there’s more to come. I was here to see the WANDIS and NDIS projects roll out and can remember very well what a difference this has and does make compared to the lack of funding and supports so many Clients struggled with before the Scheme came about. Whilst there are still some issues with the Scheme overall it’s life changing for many and secures a future where changing care needs can be met, and equipment guaranteed. We have recently completed our first re-registration audit for the NDIS and are very pleased with the results. Some minor improvements were identified but no major nonconformities, which was great news. I would like to thank all our staff and the Clients who supported the process, took part in the interviews, and had their documents reviewed. Quality and Safety are always high on our agenda, and these are an ongoing focus for us as a service provider. I am also very proud of the ongoing funding we invest into research. Research provides hope, opportunity for greater understanding of conditions and how and why people are affected, new treatments, and hopefully cures and or prevention. We continue to support several quality research teams here in WA, as well as nationally through MSA, and this benefits our Clients, their families and our staff who get involved. As I leave, I just want to say I have been touched by so many wonderful and inspirational Clients over the years; their humility and resilience in the face of huge challenges has often grounded me and encouraged me to not sweat the small stuff and be grateful for my health and family! Thank you to all the wonderful, hard-working staff, who are really dedicated to supporting others and doing their best, it’s not always easy. Their support and flexibility, particularly in the face of COVID-19 and the ongoing upheavals that has created, are greatly appreciated. A huge thank you to my Residential and Respite teams who do a fantastic job with our Clients and ensure they are well cared for in their new homes. I would also like to thank my wonderful family who have supported me through long hours and after-hours interruptions over the years. They have also been MSWA volunteers on many occasions, from setting up Beechboro Lodge and landscaping the grounds, through to roles in the Bike Rides and Step-Up events. So, it’s goodbye from me and thanks for the many proud memories. 5