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MSWA Bulletin Magazine Winter 2023

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Unravelling the mysteries of multiple sclerosis | Ambilympics champion Chris McEncroe takes home silver for Australia | John Robertson: Nurturing a decades-long vocation | Don't think of the pink elephants!


WILSON CENTRE 29 Parkhill Way 9365 4888 Fax 9451 4453 CONTACT US If you would like to comment on anything you read in this Bulletin please email or write to MSWA, Locked Bag 2, Bentley DC WA 6983 For general feedback or complaints please contact Davina Sawyer 6454 3173 or EDITORIAL WORKING GROUP Nicola Washington, Tony Millar, Emily Ace and Nicolette Murphy. CONTRIBUTORS Geoff Hutchinson, Carol Chong, Dajana Tesevic, Vanishree Chetti, Denise Vogels, James Beckett, Tracey Hockey, Misty Reinkowsky and Crystal Chan. The Editorial Working Group welcomes unsolicited submissions. All articles are subject to a reviewing process. The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the view of MSWA’s staff, advisors, directors or officers. NURSING SUPPORT Our Neurological Liaison Nurses are usually the first point of contact after the neurologist’s diagnosis. COMMUNITY NURSE: 9365 4888 MONDAY TO FRIDAY (8.00AM - 4.00PM) CLIENT ENGAGEMENT DEPARTMENT Our experienced teams will provide you with personalised support throughout your service journey with MSWA. From helping you to access funding, to working with you to get the most from your selected services, our trained staff are here to help. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT 9365 4888. OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: COUNSELLING, PEER SUPPORT AND HEALTH EDUCATION COMMUNITY SUPPORT DIETETICS OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY OUTREACH PHYSIOTHERAPY SOCIAL WELFARE SPEECH PATHOLOGY NURSING OUTREACH AT MSWA If you live in Perth, Rockingham, Bunbury or Albany and are interested in a trial to experience the Outreach community, get in touch with SENIOR COMMUNITY OUTREACH COORDINATOR MELISSA COOMBS VIA OUTREACH@MSWA.ORG.AU EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT The MSWA Employment Support Service is the only specialist employment service for people living with multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions in Western Australia. Our team can help you to stay in your current job or find employment in the open labour market. LEIGH MCCAFFREY, EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT SERVICES MANAGER: 1300 865 209 FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE SERVICES MSWA OFFERS, PLEASE VISIT MSWA.ORG.AU WELCOME Welcome to the Winter 2023 edition of Bulletin. We hope you enjoy the news, stories and service information we have brought to you this quarter. CONTENTS WOULD YOU PREFER TO RECEIVE BULLETIN ONLINE? Help us to reduce our environmental impact by going digital! Not only does this save trees and minimise our contribution to landfill, but it also allows you to better engage with our Bulletin content. Get in touch via to sign up to our e-magazine. You can also find us online at 2 3