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3 years ago

MSWA Bulletin Winter 2019

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BRAND, MARKETING & SALES WE KNOW NEURO MSWA is a brand with a proud heritage and strong reputation for providing outstanding care for people in need of support. Since 1972 that support has been for people living with MS, and in 2016 our highly regarded services were extended to people living with all neurological conditions. Welcome to We Know Neuro Whilst we know what we do, our own research tells us that awareness and understanding of our expanded charter has not grown across the general public as quickly as we would like it to. This understanding and ‘connection to cause’ remains MSWA’s biggest universal challenge, and our biggest opportunity. We have been here for over four decades, and to remain for another 40 years and beyond, it’s crucial we continue to position ourselves as a leader in the core areas in which we face competition: fundraising and the NDIS. It is for this reason that the decision was made to invest in a new marketing campaign that helps achieve this and showcase MSWA’s strengths and our core promise – helping people live beyond their neurological condition. Thanks to our people, we have earned our reputation for exceptional quality and delivering positive outcomes for those this organisation supports. Be it our belief in seamless access to services and support that until there’s a cure there is service for humans by humans; or that our strong commercial focus leads to greater social impact – it can all be distilled down to this single strong idea: with the size, experience and passion of MSWA beside our Customers, together we are ready for the challenges ahead. / With our 800+ passionate staff, we are ready. / With 47 years of experience, we are ready. / With support and services across Western Australia, we are ready. / Leading the way with MS, and now with all neurological conditions, we are ready. / With the NDIS, we are ready. / MSWA. We know neuro. You will see we have also changed our brand’s tagline. ‘We know neuro’ is a short and powerful statement that portrays our confident approach to supporting those living with a neuro condition and their families. Importantly, we have asked our MSWA community what they think of this new platform. Overwhelmingly, ‘we are ready’ and ‘we know neuro’ have been positively received by the Customers, fundraisers and staff that we’ve shared it with. And their feedback has only helped to make the first campaign stronger. By now you will have started to see our new positioning with our refreshed website, our new campaign, comprising TV and digital advertising launched in July. These are not short-term changes or a short-lived campaign – this is an evolution of how we position MSWA. This is a new platform that will help us continue to deliver our key messages about the breadth of services we can offer Customers from our highly trained professional staff and that we are ‘more than MS’ today and into the future. I am excited to share this with you now, and you will see this new platform continue to be embedded into our activity in the months ahead. Best regards, PAUL CAVANAGH GENERAL MANAGER BRAND, MARKETING & SALES 16

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY AUDIO BOOKS AND CHANGES TO INTER LIBRARY LOANS Listening to audio books opens a world of wonder for people of all ages and abilities. For some people, reading a hard copy book can be too tiring both physically and mentally. However, having the option to listen to an audio book allows people to continue to engage in this pastime; whether you love a good thriller or just love to continue to learn, there are many benefits from utilising audio books. Your local library is a great place to explore audio book options, however, as of 1 September, 2018 new rules for inter library loans between Western Australian libraries came into effect. What is an inter library loan you may ask? Typically, if there was an item in the library catalogue that you could not locate, then you could place a request for this item. The library would then consider getting a copy of this for you through an inter library loan (e.g. from another local library) or via purchase. The new rules meant that audio books were excluded from inter library loan and purchase requests. This is not the case for people who use audio books due to a diagnosis that has affected, for example, their vision. You can seek an exemption to this rule to still be able to access audio books via the inter library loan scheme. Speak to your local library for more details. Alternatively, ebooks and podcasts can be accessed via your tablet, smartphone or computer. There are multiple apps on the Play Store for android devices or the App Store for Apple devices. Your local library membership may also qualify as a log in for certain apps where you can borrow a particular number of items for a period. Check with your local library to see which apps you may qualify for with your local membership. BREA BAKER OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST SOUND WORKSHOP, BUNBURY MAY 2019 My ocean drum sounded for the whole journey as I travelled down to Bunbury to lead a workshop. I continued with a nautical theme as Leonie sourced soft gentle waves to join the percussion instruments. Koshie chimes, Tibetan and crystal bowls were played to create a space for stillness, deep listening and silence. “It felt as though fairies were gently patting me down, reassuring me everything was ok,” expressed one client. Ending with the customary herbal tea and bliss ball, people were able to connect and share experiences with one another. I look forward to being invited back again, although next time I will secure the ocean drum! CHERRY CHAPMAN COUNSELLOR 17