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2 years ago

MSWA Bulletin Winter 2020

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INDIVIDUAL OPTIONS STAYING CONNECTED TO OUTREACH Our Outreach participants have always commented about how much they really enjoy their weekly outings to our MSWA hubs. Part of the reason is the array of different activities, themed days and excursions. However, as we know, the last couple of months have meant that the Outreach doors had to temporarily close to ensure the safety of all our Customers during the pandemic. Christine Weston, MSWA Support Worker. This wasn’t just something that affected our Outreach participants, but also the wonderful staff who work within the groups. “It’s amazing how much you can miss that regular contact,” stated several of our Customers and staff. To address that, some of the Outreach staff started contacting our Outreach participants to see how they were doing. This proved to be very successful and welcomed by all. The Outreach staff from Albany, Beechboro, Rockingham and Wilson have now been calling our Outreach members on a weekly basis. The staff were able to have a chat with Customers about what they have been up to during this break and to share stories about life in temporary isolation. A number of our Customers said that they appreciated these calls as it made them know that they were valued and had not been forgotten. Jackie Dinsey, MSWA Support Worker. Overall, the feedback to staff was that the weekly calls were something that so many of our Customers looked forward to, and the staff reported having really enjoyed their one-to-one phone catch-ups. Staff commented that they learned a lot of new things about several of our Customers by having that valued time to sit and talk at length about a number of topics. This has been one of the biggest positives to come out of a situation that was outside of anyone’s control and had changed in a short period of time. Some comments that we received included: “Thrilled with the call, it’s my favourite part of the day” “I was feeling very down before you called, now I’m feeling so much better” “I really look forward to a Monday when I know you are going to call” “I miss seeing my friends at Outreach” The staff within the Outreach hubs echo these comments. We have really enjoyed having these catchups and we are very much looking forward to seeing everyone again when our Outreach centres open back up. And from what we are hearing, it is looking at being sooner rather than later that we are going to be able to open the doors to Outreach. Customers will come flowing back, and our buildings will be abuzz with happy chatter and laughter again. 30

COVER STORY In March and April, we ran a series on social media called #AtHomeWithMSWA, in which we checked in with members of our MSWA community to see different versions and perspectives of self-isolation. Here is a small selection… WENDY WILSON “What am I most looking forward to? Cuddling the grandies again.” Wendy is in high support care at our Butler facility. The introduction of strict hygiene and social distancing measures proved initially challenging, but residents and staff quickly adjusted. “There is a ‘can do’ attitude at Butler,” says Wendy. “You couldn’t get more dedicated staff. Sometimes I joke with them, ‘Come on girls, go home. You’ve got to get a life!’ “We’re lucky here, we can sit out in our own backyards. My plants are getting a lot of attention!” However, Wendy admits she is struggling with maintaining physical separation from friends and family. “It’s highlighted the things we take for granted – somebody popping in for a coffee, or even the more simple things, like hugs.” BRETT JOHNS Brett Johns has been living with MS for over 20 years. He is also a musician. “Music is my life. It’s my saviour. It’s such a wonderful healing force. I usually play my Ukulele at MSWA Bunbury Outreach Centre where I go to meet, talk and share my music with others. I was starting to get a musical thing happening at ‘The Fridge’ – that’s what I call the outreach centre, because it’s where I go to chill! It’s currently closed, but that’s okay because I’ve been playing a lot at home. I’m still receiving in-home care by the MSWA crew and it’s good to be able to socialise with someone. To all you reading this, the staff at MSWA, thank you for continuing to do what you do. PS Excuse the hair – I need a shear, but I guess we’re all in the same boat.” MSWA HAMILTON HILL “As you can see social distancing is the new normal, as well as board games.” We caught up with Jayne, the lovely manager from MSWA Hamilton Hill, to see how our residents are doing self-isolating together. “We are all doing great here and have all kept our sense of humour. Hope you are keeping safe and well.” Read all the At Home With MSWA features here: 31